Shades Take On Complexity And Variation In Interior Design

Light is one of the most fundamental factors when it comes to interior design. Interior designers will spend a lot of time considering the effect of light in any space.  

Designers have a lot of tools at hand in considering how light will play in a living or working space. The use of color, which can make a space light and airy or dark and broody, is one obvious way in which they control the light. So is added electric lighting.  Another one which is increasingly used for great effect is window shades. 

Shades used to be a relatively limited concept. There were a few types – remember when Roman Blinds were all the range – and materials were also somewhat limited. But as solar shades new york point out, those days are long gone.

The main differences now from the roller blinds of your grandma are the technologies behind the blinds themselves and the materials from which they can be made.

Technology allows blind makers to create smoothly functioning, long-lasting blinds which can be connected. There’s no need to have long cords hanging by the window anymore. They can be connected to a switch like a light switch or a touch panel.

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There’s no stopping what the materials can do now. There are special materials to cut out light or let it in. The materials can be a continuation of the room design, imagine shades that exactly match your paneling for example. The materials themselves are able to be produced in ever increasing widths. Imagine a whole wall which is a blind with a highlight color behind it.

Take a look at a design magazine or two – it will open your eyes and maybe let some light in.