When last did you have your chimney swept?

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If you live in a freestanding house or townhouse, it could also be a terraced property, you will all have your front porch, verandah or stoop. And many homeowners or tenants who take pride in themselves and their material possessions, with the property being one of them, if not, the most valuable, always do what they can to keep it clean and tidy and in good nick. The front porch, verandah or stoop is the window to your domestic life.

How it looks on the outside, the front porch that is, can be a reflection of how things may be inside and what kind of a person you are. If you take pride and care, you have the regular habit of sweeping your porch, every day or every other day, always depending on how regularly the wind blows. And if you are living by the seaside, that would be nice, you’re probably sweeping front and back at least twice a day.

But just how often do you sweep your chimney out? When you think about it, it could get a lot dirtier and grubbier than your front porch. Of course, you can only go so far. It is easy enough for you to take care of your living room’s fireplace, but where is that smell coming from? And where is that noise coming from? You would love to have a look-see. You would love to sweep this away. But you can’t. No, that is something that only a chimney sweep maryland broom could deal with.

Many of you have given up. That old chimney of yours became such a sorry state of affairs. You stopped making those warm fires. What a life. You needn’t have stopped, you know.